The guild reformed by Illydia Tylmarande, to ward against evil in the Western Heartlands


The Harpers are a semi-secret organization dedicated to promoting good, preserving history (including art and music of old) and maintaining a balance between civilization and nature by keeping kingdoms small and the destruction of plant life to a minimum. They considered the elven empire of Myth Drannor shortly before its fall to be the pinnacle of civilized history and strove to recreate the world in that image.
The Harpers are led by a council of seven High Harpers, who are responsible for most of the group’s long-term plans and goals. High Harpers are elected through the means of secret ballots among the other High Harpers, with the criteria being long time service and extreme discretion in the implementation of their plans.

The Harpers have disbanded several times but after each time, they eventually reformed one way or another.



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