Cyrus Brightblade

Retired adventurer turned handler for the Migrant Merchant's guild.


Living a life of adventure wasn’t always written in Cyrus’ fate. Taking a fatal wound from a drow poison dart during a raid on the town of Greenest, he nearly passed into the Astral Sea if it weren’t for a paladin of Sehanine, who stayed the embrace of death for the fighter, and managed to fight off the remaining drow of the raiding force, ushering them into a full retreat. Cyrus wouldn’t be able to fight at full strength ever again after the poison crippled him, and turned to a simple life within the guild of the Migrant Merchants, a guild composed of traders who banded together to share company and ensure safe travel along the dangerous roads of the Western Heartlands.
Cyrus and this paladin have stayed ever close since that day in Greenest, sharing details about nearly everything, and growing to become quite close and fond of each other.


Cyrus Brightblade

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